International Robotics Honor Society

The International Robotics Honor Society (IRHS) has been established to recognize high school students for excellence, not only for their efforts on competitive robotics teams, but for academics, personal character, and community service.

Competitive programs include, but are not limited to: VEX Robotics Competition, Aerial Drone Competition, Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics, CREATE, Botball, BEST Robotics, FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Tech Challenge, MATE ROV Competition, SeaPerch, National Robotics League, National Robotics Challenge, World Robotics League, and Zero Robotics.


IRHS Objectives

  • Elevate the profile of student participation in robotics at the school, district, and national levels
  • Encourage more students to strive toward academic excellence in the STEM fields
  • Encourage student character development
  • Encourage student participation in service opportunities
  • Encourage the participation in robotics programs

IRHS Process

  1. A high school administrator or teacher applies for a chapter.
  2. The administrator appoints a 3-member advisory board to oversee the chapter.
  3. The new chapter pays a $100 annual fee.
  4. A chapter charter spells out membership and chapter requirements, and provides a timeline for activities.
  5. Students apply to their school's IRHS chapter.
  6. Members take part in an annual chapter service project.
  7. Members take part in a ceremony at induction, and are recognized during graduation.

IRHS Resources

Review the following documents for additional IRHS resources.


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