2023-2024 Season Updates from your VEX AI Robotics Competition Support Team

General Season Updates and Resources 23-24

Welcome coaches, event partners, and community members. Each Tuesday, your VEX AI Robotics Competition Support team will post weekly updates for important information throughout the season.  Bookmark this page for quick and easy references of community updates.

Most Commonly Used Links

  • VEX AI Robotics Competition Website - Visit our site to find valuable resources.
  • 2023-24 VAIRC Game Manual - Use this link to review the general Over Under game rules and Appendix D for specific VAIRC modifications.
  • VEX AI Over Under Add-On Kit - Use this link to order the kit that contains all of the additional electronics needed for teams to compete in VAIRC.
  • The VEX Forum and more specifically, the VAIRC Channel - Use these links to get technical support from VEX Technical Specialists and interact with your VAIRC community.
  • VAIRC Official Q&A - Use this link to ask about specific game rule interpretations and get official answers. Caution: Information posted on social media platforms are not deemed “official.”
  • Software for the Jetson - This is the Open Source Repo link for VAIRC Code to use with the Jetson, as well as example code available for the V5 brain that interfaces with the jetson over USB. The jetson code is almost all python, and uses standard software which can easily be modified - a great learning opportunity.
  • VEX AI Robotics Championship - This site is coming soon - SAVE the DATE! June 7-8, 2024 in Houston, TX.
  • Find 2023-2024 VEX AI Robotics Competition Events - Use this link to find and register for events. VAIRC teams are also invited to run skills at local V5RC and VURC tournaments and have those scores verified by the Head Referee and submitted to be added to the Worlds Skills ranking list.
    • VAIRC teams must request permission to run skills at a local event at least 1 week PRIOR to the event. VAIRC@recf.org.

Your Support Team

Shelli Brasher - Senior Program Manager - First point of Contact for Coaches and Event Partners
Schedule a call or Google Meet with me: https://calendly.com/shelli_brasher

VEX Product Support - For sales/orders assistance
EMAIL: support@vex.com

Weekly Updates

Coming soon!