Game Manual for VEX AI Robotics Competition Teams

Note: This page will be updated following the VAIRC World Championship to include details and links for the 2024-2025 VEX AI Robotics Competition game, High Stakes. This page on the VEX Robotics website is likely to have links to the game manual and other resources before this article is updated.

Game manuals contain game descriptions and scoring, robot rules, and tournament rules. Game manuals are updated throughout the game season. Monitor the VEX Forum and the VAIRC Q&A to see updates and clarifications as they're released.

Game Description

The 2023-24 VEX AI Robotics Competition game, Over Under, is played on a 12’x12’ square field configured as seen below. Two (2) Alliances—one (1) “red” and one (1) “blue”—each composed of one team with two robots, compete in Matches consisting of a 45-second (0:45) isolation period followed by a one minute and fifteen second (1:15) interactive period.

The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by Scoring Triballs in Goals and by Elevating at the end of the Match.


There are sixty (60) Triballs, two (2) Goals, and two (2) sets of Elevation Bars on an Over Under game field, which is divided by a Barrier. Triballs can be scored in the Goals and in Offensive Zones of the field. Each Triball scored in a Goal is worth 5 points. Each Triball scored in an Offensive Zone is worth 2 points. Robots can traverse the field however they choose, whether that's driving over the dividing Barrier or under either set of Elevation Bars. Triballs can only be removed from an opponent's goal if their two alliance Robots are on the same side of the Barrier, or "Double Zoned."

As the match clock winds down, Robots will try to outclimb their opponents to reach higher Elevation Tiers. At the end of the Match, the Robot that has climbed the highest will receive 20 points; the second-highest Robot receives 15 points; third gets 10; and fourth gets 5. Any Robots that share an Elevation Tier are awarded the same number of points based on their comparative height to the other Robots in the Match.

The Alliance that scores more points in the isolation period is awarded with eight (8) bonus points, added to the final score at the end of the match. Each VAIRC Alliance also has the opportunity to earn an Isolation Win Point by removing their Alliance Triballs from the Match Load Zones, scoring both Alliance Triballs in Goals, and ending the Isolation Period with both Robots contacting their Alliance's Elevation Bar. The Isolation Win Point can be earned by both Alliances, regardless of who wins the Isolation Bonus.

VAIRC Field Setup



  • 8 points -   Winner of the Isolation Bonus
  • 5 points -   Each Triball Scored in a Goal
  • 2 points -   Each Triball Scored in an Offensive Zone
  • 20 points - Elevation Top Tier
  • 15 points - Elevation 2nd Tier
  • 10 points - Elevation 3rd Tier
  • 5 points -   Elevation 4th Tier