Register for an Event

Register Your Team

A team must pay an annual team registration fee for the season before they will be able to register for competition events. If your team is not already registered, visit Registering a VURC/VAIRC Team for instructions.

Register for Events

Each team can register to participate in one or more events during the season. Details of each scheduled event are updated throughout the season on

To find VAIRC events near you, visit and use the options on the left side to set filter parameters for your country and event region. Click on "Filter" at the bottom of the parameter options to identify matching events.

Registration fees vary by competition and region, but usually range from free scrimmages and workshops, to $50-$100 for qualifying events, and even higher for Signature and Championship events.

Events can fill up quickly, and most qualifying events are listed by the end of October. Be sure to plan your season and register for events early so that students and their families can plan accordingly. If an event fills early, you can add your team to the Waitlist; teams may be added to the event from the Waitlist as space allows.

Every event is run by a volunteer Event Partner (EP). Contact information for an event's EP is found on under the “General Info” tab. An event's EP is the resource for all event-based questions.

Note: Some events fill very quickly, and your event registration is only held or guaranteed for 5 minutes after it is added to the cart. You must complete your registration within that 5-minute period. Your event registration is not complete until you have finished the checkout process (either by completing payment or clicking pay later) and have received a registration confirmation message.

If an event capacity displays as "Full" in, but the team count shows spaces remaining, there may be active registrations that are still within the 5-minute completion timeframe.

Event Types


Workshops provide in-person or online opportunities to gain skills, promote STEM, and inspire students. They typically do not include a robotics competition.


Tournaments are the most common event type and are "qualifying" events that promote top teams to a Championship Event. Tournaments are typically one day events that feature Elimination Matches (V5RC/VURC/VAIRC) or Qualification Matches followed by Finals (VIQRC). Most tournaments also offer judged awards; interviews and judging run concurrently with the event.


Scrimmages are like Tournaments, but are non-qualifying events. Scrimmages are typically one-day events that give teams additional opportunities to test their robot designs, code, and strategies.


Leagues are qualifying events that are like Tournaments, but provide multiple opportunities for a specific group of teams to participate in robotics events. Instead of a one-day event with competition and judging, a League is spread out over four or more league sessions spaced over several weeks or months. Some leagues may be set up as non-qualifying “scrimmages” depending upon the region.

Signature Events

Signature Events provide students with an opportunity to experience a world-class event with teams from outside of their normal event region. These events include production levels that are higher than typical tournaments, and are intended to give teams a mini-VEX World Robotics Championships-like experience. Signature Events are qualifying events that qualify teams directly to the VEX Robotics World Championship Event.

Championship Events

Teams must qualify at a prior event to attend a Championship Event. Championship Events typically qualify teams to the VEX Robotics World Championships. The Awards Tab on provides information on qualifications that will be awarded from each event. Contact your Regional Support Manager (RSM) for more information about your region's Championship Event.